Changes due to Covid-19


All appointment requests are currently being triaged by a clinician first.  If the clinician feels you need to be seen face to face they will offer you an appointment.  The doors to our surgeries are locked – only patients with a booked appointment will be allowed in – please bring a face covering if you have one.  We will also check your temperature and ask you to hand sanitize when you come into the building.


You can order your prescriptions in the normal way – online, via NHS app, in writing via our prescription boxes or via your pharmacy.  We have temporarily re-opened our prescription enquiry line – this is for queries only, you will only be able to order your medication if you are classed as very high risk and currently shielding.


We have registration packs in the lobby at our West Earlham Surgery which you can complete and place in the Brown Box – alternatively you can register via this website. During this time we have waived the need for ID to register or to obtain online services access.

Referrals and Tests

During the Covid-19 pandemic the hospitals and other providers have not been accepting routine referrals for outpatient appointments and some diagnostic tests.  These are now starting up again but there is some backlog so you may find you have a longer wait than usual for these services.


Clinicians and other team members are wearing PPE to protect both parties, this is used in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

Controlling Infection

Always wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser –

  • before eating
  • after you cough, sneeze or blow your nose
  • after using the toilet
  • before you touch your face
  • after you’ve touched someone who is ill

For further information about the prevention and control of infection, please visit

The germs around us are becoming more resistant to antibiotics.

The Department of Health has recommendations for the control of antibiotic use for our clinicians.

Remember, most common illnesses do not need antibiotics

  • Antibiotics should only be prescribed where there is a clear clinical need.   Wherever possible, antibiotics should be prescribed after clinical samples have been obtained.
  • Except in rare situations antibiotics should not be prescribed for more than 7 days.