Thank You For Your Support

To all of our patients, thank you for supporting us, for your kind words, gestures and respect. To all of the volunteers who have assisted during this Pandemic and other Key Workers – thank you.

Coronavirus has affected the world with such devastation and many people have lost loved ones.  We were all asked to “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives”.  We all lived by this mantra and in Norwich as well as across the country there has been a fall in A & E attendances, GP appointment requests and home visit requests. This may well be because people are using our precious NHS much more wisely, and for that a big thank you, because NHS doctors and nurses are working terrifically hard right now. It might be because people think the NHS is not there for them in the usual way. Well, it is there for other illnesses, of course. But we must also continue with this thoughtful behaviour. We are still here to help people, we do not want things to get worse and become serious but also please think twice before requesting an appointment which may be unnecessary.

We’ve all learned not to  visit the surgery if you have something which may be contagious, we don’t want it either.  And remember we are helping many more people these days over the telephone or online using our fantastic new interactive website.

This is designed to help patients navigate their way to find help in exactly the way they would if they walked into reception. The home page of FootFall is clearly laid out to help patients manage their health more easily and request advice from a health professional.

It means people are getting the help they need quicker and more conveniently. For your doctors and nurses at the practice,  it reduces the pressure on phone, helps them manage their time more effectively and keep face to face appointment for those who really need it.

So thank you once again for your brilliant support.